Frequently asked questions

Welcome to the help center. Here you find some frequently asked questions and answers about

Do you have any discounts?

We offer different discounts for disabled visitors, retirees, families, children & youth and groups (e.g. 3+1).

You can easily review our current promotions at any time by visiting our discounts page. 


What is a "VIP Chair"?

We are offering you a very special treat for the productions at the RAIMUND THEATER!

Experience the performance up close and personal with your VIP seat in one of the first rows. Best view of the stage and orchestra guaranteed!

A glass of sparkling wine during the interval as well as a beautiful program as a little keepsake are included, making this a truly unforgettable evening for you and your friends!

Enjoy this unique theater experience in which you yourself are a star!

How can I book wheelchair spaces?

Wheelchair tickets can be booked at least one week prior the performance at the VBW box offices and thourgh the WIEN-TICKET customer service. The WIEN-TICKET Customer Service can be reached by phone at +43/1/58885-111 (daily from 8 A.M to 8 P.M).

Wheelchair space: EUR 10,--; Companion receives a 50 % discount on the ticket.

At what age can children attend the performance?

For their own safety (volume, duration of performance, etc.), children under the age of 3 cannot be admitted into the auditorium - even if they are accompanied by an adult. Depending on the type and the programe of the performance, the entry age for selected events can be changed in terms of health criteria and development phase of children.

Can I share a seat with my child?

Due to saftey reasons, it is not allowed to share a seat with a child. Every visitor has to have a ticket and a seat.

Are booster seats for children available?

Booster seats for children are available. Please ask our staff.

Where can I find information about the current cast?

We cannot make any binding statement concerning the cast on the performance day. Hence, last minute changes are possible. In every ensuite company there are understudies for a variety of parts. They are all well studied and artistically edgy. You will be informed about the final cast at the bulletin in the foyer one hour before the start of the performance.

Can I enter the auditorium when I am late?

At the Theater an der Wien and the Kammeroper, latecomers have to wait until the break to get to their assigned seat. Concerning standing places and lodges, you can enter the auditorium quietly. At the Raimund Theater and the Ronacher, people who arrive late have to wait up to 20 minutes - depending on the performance and applause breaks. Please be mindful and respectful of the performers and other audience members. Regarding backstage-tours, it is not possible to participate after the start. We kindly ask you to be punctual.





Where can I park my car?

Here you can find more information to parking spaces in the surrounding area of our theatres:

Where can I buy souvenirs?

All souvenirs can be purchased in our online shop. At the Raimund Theater and the Ronacher you can buy souvenirs half an hour prior and after the performance. Programms and CDs to our current productions can be found at the VBW box offices. A big variety of CDs of the indigenious productions can be purchased at the Theater an der Wien Souvenir Shop.

How much are the shipping costs?

Please note that our online booking system offers delivery and pick up services which are available at the time of booking.

Domestic shipments: EUR 5.90 (registered letter in case of non-numbered seats)

Shipping abroad: EUR 9.90 (registered letter) EMS

print@home: EUR 0,--

Deposit at the box office: EUR 1,50 (for selected events possible).

Are there surtitles?

Yes, the RONACHER has a surtitle system. The surtitle system is on the right and left side of the stage and also above the stage portal.

At CATS at the Ronacher the songs are sung in German and there are English surtitles.