Creative Development


Since their foundation, the VBW have not only set the bar for the presentation of international long-run productions, but have also made themselves a name developing major in-house productions to Broadway standards. Legendary musicals like ELISABETH, DANCE OF THE VAMPIRES, MOZART!, REBECCA, [and, most recently, THE VISIT]  were first performed in Vienna (or: in VBW theatres), to be greeted by storms of applause not only from local audiences but throughout the world. (Hier vielleicht ein Link zu VBWi).

Top class creatives make the exceptional possible

The VBW’s decades of experience and outstanding reputation attract top-ranking international authors, composers, directors and other creatives from all over the world to come and work in Vienna.  Winners of Oscars, Grammys and Tonys – like  Stephen Schwartz, Frank Wildhorn, Dave Steward and Trevor Nunn, to name but a few  - practically revolve through our doors. They value the VBW team’s know-how, highly professional approach and unquenchable passion for theatre, which provides the foundation for their outstanding artistic achievements.

The VBW’s outstanding orchestra is another exceptional feature, and the ability to perform musicals with a full orchestra attracts to Vienna not only audiences from outside Austria but also top league musical performers and creators.

Our musicals are developed according to the highest international standards. First comes “lab work” on the subject matter, the book and the music, a process which can take years, followed by readings and extensive workshop productions. This is the general procedure on Broadway and in London’s West End, but we add a touch more willingness to experiment and to develop the musical genre in our own, specifically European direction. The mixture of international and Austrian creative potential is an essential component – this particular hybrid has been bearing exceptional fruit for over 20 years and enables us to create grand, emotional musicals with a special Viennese flair.