EVITA 2016 © VBW / Rafaela Proell


The story of Eva Perón

The musical is based on the life of the Argentine First Lady, Eva Perón (1919 – 1952), affectionately known as “Evita” to the people of Argentina, and sets her rise to social and political power against the background of historical events in Argentina between 1934 and 1952. The story is narrated by a young man called Che who acts as a guide and commentator on events.

During her lifetime Evita, who came from an impoverished background, is revered as a saint by the “Descamisados”, the “shirtless”, but despised by the bourgeoisie and intellectuals. She sleeps her way to the top, lover by lover, until she finally meets Perón, a colonel in the army. After throwing herself behind his bid for the presidency, she becomes Argentina’s First Lady.

In spite of her glamorous lifestyle and love of luxury, Eva Perón markets her sympathy for the poor and oppressed with such skill and flair that she becomes a symbol of hope and the idol of an entire nation. Social and economic tensions increase and she faces increasingly bitter criticism, but she manages to turn imminent defeat into a personal triumph.