Freudiana Produktionsfotos © VBW
Freudiana Produktionsfotos © VBW
Freudiana Produktionsfotos © VBW
Freudiana Produktionsfotos © VBW
Freudiana © VBW


World premiere from 1990-1992 in the Theater an der Wien

Erik, a young American, is accidentally locked in on a visit to the Sigmund Freud Museum in London and has to spend the night in Sigmund Freud's study.
He lies down on the famous couch and slides into an unreal world while falling asleep. Strange figures appear, all cases that Sigmund Freud had worked on at the time. Erik notes that some details concern him himself. It's like looking in a mirror. Dora, a girl whom he shyly worships, appears, his relationship with his parents is brought to his subconscious. Erik wants to learn more about himself and calls for an ominous ring that should give him entry into the circle of Wednesday society and the psychoanalytic association of Professor Freud
Suddenly he is on the London Underground, where he meets Sherlock Holmes, who helps him to make clear insights. Erik enters the tunnel of his own self, forcing his overpowering father down in a symbolic fight.
When Erik leaves the next day, he is suddenly no longer the shy tolerant, but a confident young man.


Directed by Peter Weck
Choreography: Heinz Spoerli
Light: Rick Belzer
Sound: Alan Parsons
Stage: Hans Schavernoch
Costumes: Annette Beaufays and Susanne Schmögner
Musical direction: Caspar Richter


Ulrich Tukur (Erik)
Isabella Fritdum (Susan / Mrs. K.)
Susanne Altschul (Kate / nanny)
Markus Holzer (Billy / Little Hans)
Christoph Derdak (Billy / Little Hans)
Roland Resch (Billy / Little Hans)
Dagmar Hellberg (Billy's mother / nightclub singer / Erik's mother)
Felix Martin (Mr. Adams / Prof. Clown)
Regina Lemnitz (Mrs. Adams / circus director)
Mary Illes (girl / head nurse)
Norbert Lamla (Dora's father / Charcot)
Karin Zwirner (Dora)
Wolfgang Pampel (man with pipe / Sherlock Holmes / Erik's father)
Viktor Gernot (card player / wolf man)
Leopold Kern (card player / passer-by / rat man)
Ludwig Itgenhorst (card player / judge)
Max Pollak (postman)
Elin Carlson (girl)
Vasiliki Roussi (girl)
Graham Pushee (woman butterfly)
Kai Peterson (ensemble)
Thomas Nestler (ensemble)
Dean Welterlen (ensemble)
Sam Cole (ensemble)
Mario Steller (ensemble)
Eric Minsk (ensemble)
James Clark (ensemble)
Anthony d'Artagnan (ensemble)
Niki Bolen (ensemble)
Patrick Brunner (ensemble)
Christophe Caballero (ensemble)
Brian Carmack (ensemble)
Lindsay Chambers (ensemble)
Damien Harrison (ensemble)
Mike Bud (ensemble)
Tom Searle (ensemble)
Caroline Boureau (ensemble)
Danielle Brunner (ensemble)
Lauren Bunn (ensemble)
Nora Cherry (ensemble)
Kim Duddy (ensemble)
Karen Henry (ensemble)
Dianne Johnston (ensemble)
Susan Taylor (ensemble)
Doug Jones (swing)
Thorsten Tinney (swing)
Danuta Jaquet (backstage choir)
Fumi Kikuchi (backstage choir)
Sue Ann Rosenberg (backstage choir)

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