Musical Christmas 2017 neu © VBW

A joint initiative of Marjan Shaki & Lukas Perman and Vereinigte Bühnen Wien

This year’s grand gala concert takes place on Monday 18 December 2017 at the Ronacher, featuring stars of our current VBW musicals as well as star guests.

Like last year, the audience can look forward to Marjan Shaki and Lukas Perman (concept and direction), along with Maya HakvoortWietske van Tongeren, Barbara Obermeier, the I AM FROM AUSTRIA ensemble and soloists Irena Flury, Martin Bermoser, Matthias Trattner, Oliver Arno and Carin Filipcic, as well as the DANCE OF THE VAMPIRES ensemble and soloists Diana Schnierer, Raphael Gross, Nicolas Tenerani, Marle Martens and Charles Kreische. The hosts for the evening are Elisabeth Engstler und Andreas Steppan, with David & Götz - Die Showpianisten as special guests. Music will be provided by the VBW Orchestra, conducted by Carsten Paap. 

Solidarity for a good cause

With this concert, the VBW, Marjan Shaki und Lukas Perman continue the tradition of a joint fundraising gala that began in 2010. The money raised by previous galas went to help victims of the earthquake in Haiti rebuild their country. This year – as in previous years – revenue from the concert will go to support the charity Superar, in particular the project “music moves”, a joint initiative by the VBW and Superar that provides children and teenagers with free singing, dance and acting classes. All the performers are waiving their fees and the kids from “music moves” will also take part in the gala.

Statements Marjan Shaki, Christian Struppeck, Prof. Dr. Franz Patay & Lukas Perman

 “With ‘music moves’, the VBW supports young people’s musical development while also giving them insight into music and theatre to inspire them.  Our musical outreach programmes and the resulting collaboration with Superar are crucial for reaching new target groups. As in previous years, children and young people from the project will be performing in our grand Christmas concert alongside stars from our musicals. I am delighted that they have this opportunity to learn even more about the world of theatre.” VBW Managing Director Prof. Dr. Franz Patay

“Social involvement has always been very important to the VBW. This year, on the initiative of Marjan Shaki und Lukas Perman, we are once again staging a pre-Christmas fundraising gala with our performers, star guests and the VBW orchestra which focuses on building community. With ‘Musical Christmas’, we hope to continue our contribution to social cohesion. The money raised will go to support the musical development of young people who would not otherwise have the opportunity.” VBW Artistic Director of Musicals Christian Struppeck:


 “The catastrophe unfolding at Europe’s gates has become normalized. The effects on Europe have become a reality that we must face up to.  We have to face this challenge and transform it into new opportunities and possibilities. Coming together, learning to understand each other, building community… This is the direction we must take! Rejection, exclusion and ghettoization only lead to tensions and violence. Children are the key to a more harmonious future in a new, more diverse Europe.” Marjan Shaki und Lukas Perman

Music Moves Cooperation with SUPERAR

The association Superar, a project initiated by CARITAS, the Wiener Konzerthaus and the Wiener Sängerknaben, has been working for years with children and young people from socially disadvantaged families in the field of musical promotion. Since May 2016, there is a cooperation with the Vereinigte Bühnen Wien - the project "music moves", an intensive theater course with a focus on singing, dancing and acting for young people from 10 to 14 years. In addition to four weekly lessons at the Ankerbrotfabrik, visits to the VBW theaters and an intensive exchange with the theater artists convey a comprehensive theater experience for young artists. Special feature: Lessons are free of charge for the participants.


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