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Sönke Feick Videodesign

Sönke Feick © Sönke Feick

Sönke Feick was born in Stade on 30.03.1966. After graduating in Communications Design, he began his career as a classical graphic designer at Wir-Design. His first encounter with CD-ROM programming and web design came in Braunschweig in 1996. From 1999 onwards, he developed his expertise further at Xenario GmbH in Hannover, where he added video editing and animation to his repertoire. Since 2004, he has been a freelancer working mainly on motion graphics and video editing.
His focus includes animation films for industry and exhibitions, commercials, trailers, and stage projections. His work includes the video design for DIE LEZTEN 5 JAHRE (Rex-Theater, Wuppertal, 2005), DIE 3 VON DER TANKSTELLE (Schlossparktheater, Berlin, 2005), NON(N)SENS (Schlossparktheater, Berlin, 2006),  ICH WAR NOCH NIEMALS IN NEW YORK (Hamburg, Vienna, Stuttgart, 2007 onwards), HANSEL AND GRETEL (Staatstheater, Saarbrücken, 2009), DÄLLEBACH KARI (Lake Thun Festival + Theater 11 Zürich,  2010 and 2011), THE SOUND OF MUSIC (Salzburg Landestheater, 2011), THE ADDAMS FAMILY (Zelttheater Merzi, 2014), PARZIFAL (Wuppertal, 2015), 9TO5 (Zelttheater Merzig, 2016) and SPAMALOT (Salzburg Landestheater, 2016).