Das Phantom der Oper Produktionsfotos © VBW
Das Phantom der Oper Produktionsfotos © VBW
Das Phantom der Oper Produktionsfotos © VBW
Das Phantom der Oper Produktionsfotos © VBW

The Phantom of the Opera 1988


In 1870, a phantom nestled in the underground vaults at the "See" under the newly built Paris Opera. The "operatic spirit" tyrannizes the directors to help the young talented chorist Christine Daaé make her breakthrough. Christine met her childhood friend Raoul de Chagny again and fell in love with him. The phantom kidnaps Christine into his underworld, confesses his love and gives her a ring. She manages to tear off his mask and discovers a hideously disfigured face underneath, which also arouses her compassion. The Phantom wants to make her an opera star with his own compositions. When the directors refuse, he drops the chandelier of the opera into the parquet.

Now Raoul begins the hunt for the criminal, the story of the phantom is gradually revealed, on a large masked ball the phantom appears as a red death in the middle of the guests and demands that his opera "Don Juan the winner" be rehearsed. During the performance, he kills the tenor and takes on the role of Don Juan to stand on stage with Christine. When Christine tears off his mask on the open stage, he takes her back to his labyrinth, followed by Raoul and an upset crowd. Christine returns the ring to him and, despite all threats, insists on her love for Raoul. Now the phantom releases her and renounces his love, she kisses him. The phantom disappears in an enigmatic way and remains incomprehensible to its pursuers.

Directed by Harold Prince
Musical stagin & choreography: Gillian Lynne
Equipment: Maria Björnson
Light: Andrew Bridge
Sound: Martin Levan
Musical direction: Caspar Richter


Alexander Goebel (The Phantom of the Opera)
Luzia Nistler (Christine Daaé)
Alfred Pfeifer (Raoul, Vicomte de Chagny)
Jack Poppell (Monsieur André)
Wolfgang Pampel (Monsieur Firmin)
Priti Coles (Carlotta Giudicelli)
Sergio Lombana (Ubaldo Piangi)
Diana Bennett (Madame Giry)
Alexandra Young-Schmidt (Meg Giry)
Vincent Pirillo (Monsieur Reyer)
Josef Ettl (Monsieur Lefèvre)
Ludwig Itgenshorst (Joseph Buquet)
Sigurd Karnetzki (ensemble)
Dennis Kozeluh (ensemble)
Andreas Macco (ensemble)
Christina Papp (ensemble)
Klaus Gilbert (ensemble)
Helga Loanda (ensemble)
Elisabeth Reichart (ensemble)
Susanna Fischer (ensemble)
Patrice Tappé (ensemble)
Claudia Dallinger (ensemble)
Keith Mayler (ensemble)
Heimo Borg (ensemble)
Heinz Heidenreich (ensemble)
Tina Staudacher (swing)
Horst Reeh (swing)
Bagdasar Bayvertian (swing)
Karin Seyfried (swing)
Julia Kajtar (The Ballet of the Opéra populaire)
Elizabeth Mills (The Ballet of the Opéra populaire)
Amanda Turner (The Ballet of the Opéra populaire)
Bronwyn Carey (The Ballet of the Opéra populaire)
Pippa Heughan (The Ballet of the Opéra populaire)
Dianne Johnston (The Ballet of the Opéra populaire)

  • Das Phantom der Oper 1988

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