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Max Niemeyer Swing

Max Niemeyer © VBW/ Sandra Kosel

Max Niemeyer was born in Verden and received his training at the Stage School Hamburg. In the following years he was seen in Hamburg in MOZART!, in Stuttgart & Hamburg in TANZ DER VAMPIRE and in Oberhausen & Hamburg in DAS PHANTOM DER OPER. In Vienna he appeared on stage in REBECCA, RUDOLF - AFFAIRE MAYERLING, ICH WAR NOCH NIEMALS IN NEW YORK, JOIN! and ELISABETH. Engagements with JANE EYRE and DOKTOR SCHIWAGO in Gmunden, THE FAIRY QUEEN in Graz and MASS in Salzburg followed. At the Summer Festival in Melk he performed in HELLS BELLS, LUZIFER, BABYLON and FLY ME TO THE MOON. Most recently he was seen in MY FAIR LADY at the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg, in BROADWAY NIGHTS, as well as TITANIC - DAS MUSICAL in Schwerin and Linz and in FANNY & ALEXANDER, also at Landestheater Linz.