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Markus Spiegel Musical Consultant

Markus Spiegel © Markus Spiegel

Markus Spiegel was born in Legnica (Liegnitz/Poland) on November 28, 1952 and moved to Vienna with his parents when he was 4 years old. He was granted Austrian citizenship, and attended the Bundeskonvikt and the Musisch-pädagogisches Realgymnasium in Kundmanngasse, Vienna. He founded his record store "GIG" and, in 1980, also founded "GIG Records", because there were almost no Austrian pop music producers. For almost two decades, "GIG Records" was the biggest and most profitable independent label in Austria. It had to finance all its music independently. When Markus Spiegel saw Stefan Weber's "Drahdiwaberl" in Vienna's Sophiensälen, he loved it immediately and offered him a contract. The legendary albums were the result. Spiegel especially liked the band's bass player: FALCO. He also got a 3-year contract. The first single "Ganz Wien" was banned by Austrian radio station Ö3, but the first three albums "Einzelhaft", "Junge Römer" & "Falco Drei" and the single "Der Kommissar" received dozens of platinum and gold discs worldwide. He reached number 1 in the US charts with "Rock Me Amadeus".

Markus Spiegel was responsible for managing Oskar Werner's audio legacy, and published "Oskar Werner Reads Rilke" and "Truth and Legacy". Most recently, he was appointed Vice President of BMG Entertainment Munich. As Executive Producer he also managed the production of the CDs from the VBW musicals "Kiss of the Spider Woman", "Grease", "Chicago", "Jekyll and Hyde ", "Musical Christmas", and "The Lion King" for Stage Holding.

He currently consults for Sony Music Austria and is working as an adviser on VBW's ROCK ME AMADEUS - THE FALCO MUSICAL.

In April 2018, he was awarded the "Decoration of Merit in Gold of the Province of Vienna" and in October 2020 the "Grand Decoration of Honor for Services to the Republic of Austria".