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CATS reopens in autumn 2020

More than a quarter million tickets sold

The Vereinigten Bühnen Wien will also show the international hit CATS from autumn 2020 at the Ronacher. The VBW Artistic Director Christian Struppeck announced that the production will reopen due to the big public demand and full capacity.

CATS at the Ronacher | Trailer Vienna 2020

More than a quarter million tickets sold

Andrew Lloyd Webber”s masterpiece CATS, based on T.S. Eliots “Old Possum’s Book of Practical CATS”, celebrated its premiere in September 2019 in Vienna. Since then, it broke all records. At the beginning of the year, the VBW have sold more than a quarter million tickets and record a daily sold out theatre. Now, the production will be at the Ronacher from October 2020 again. 

CATS Szenenfotos Wien 2019 018 ©VBW / Deen van Meer

VBW Artistic Director Christian Struppeck: “From the start, CATS was a great success and exceeded all previous pre-sales. At the beginning of the year, we could record over a quarter million tickets, which is a new record even after the strong sales in the recent years. Our wonderful cast plays in a sold-out theatre every evening and earns a lot of applause. Due to the great demand we will show CATS from October 2020 on.”

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    The most successful musical of all times

    Premiere: Friday, 20.09.2019

    Duration: ~ 2:40h

    The most successful musical of all time will stay longer in Vienna because of its great success! Breathtaking dance, legendary costumes, a magical stage design, Grammy-awarded, electrifying music and the moving world hit "Memory" make CATS an unforgettable experience. A magical theatre evening for the whole family.

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