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CATS welcomed 100.000th visitor at the Ronacher


Andrew Lloyd Webber's masterpiece CATS welcomed its 100.000th visitor at the Ronacher.

More than 73 million visitors - and the success story continues

Worldwide, over 73 million people in 30 countries and 16 languages have seen this extraordinary musical. The German-language première ran continuously for seven years in Vienna. And there's no end to the success: just recently, a new CATS production in London and New York thrilled the audience. 

CATS at the Ronacher | Trailer Vienna 2020


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    The most successful musical of all times

    Premiere: Friday, 20.09.2019

    Duration: ~ 2:40h

    The most successful musical of all time will stay longer in Vienna because of its great success! Breathtaking dance, legendary costumes, a magical stage design, Grammy-awarded, electrifying music and the moving world hit "Memory" make CATS an unforgettable experience. A magical theatre evening for the whole family.

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