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Tickets for Musicalclub-Members

Vorteil ©VBW Right of first refusal at the start of advance sales

Vorteil ©VBW 10% discount on all tickets, including presale tickets.
(Max. 4 Tickets/Member)

Vorteil ©VBW 20% discount on tickets that are booked within 10 days of the desired performance date.
(Max. 2 Tickets/Member)

Vorteil ©VBW 50% discount on last-minute tickets booked after 2.00 pm on the performance date concerned.
(Max. 2 Tickets/Member)

Vorteil ©VBW Last-minute tickets for only € 22,-  from two hours before the start of the performance (box office & online)
(online only up to one hour before the performance, in categories A-D, max. 2 tickets depending on availability)
#STAYSAFE: Please help us to avoid queues at our cash desks and book online, preferably.

Vorteil ©VBW Reduced backstage tours (probably planned again from fall 2022)
€ 5,- instead of regular € 7,- (max. 2 tickets) 

Vorteil ©VBW Ticket raffles for different performances

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* Ticket discounts apply to the specified categories and are available at the VBW ticket offices and via the WIEN-TICKET call center. Please note that these discounts are only available for our own productions. For external events, the price is set by the organizer.

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