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MUSICAL MEETS OPERA celebrates its 10th anniversary with DANCE OF THE VAMPIRES

For the tenth time, MUSICAL MEETS OPERA, a cooperation between the VEREINIGTEN BÜHNEN WIEN and the Friends of the Vienna State Opera, will take place on May 6, 2018. The matinee, which combines the genres of musical and opera, is - as in the very first event in 2010 - once again a guest at DANCE OF THE VAMPIRES im Ronacher.

In terms of content, this year's event will deal with the parallels between the cult musical and Mozart's masterpiece "Don Giovanni".

The DANCE OF THE VAMPIRES performers and well-known colleagues of the opera are on stage, focusing on the similarities between "Don Giovanni" and "Count of Krolock". Both are around 400 years old, both are fascinating, attractive, irresistible, both you can not escape.

In the jubilee matinee tunes and action of the vampire musical and one of the most important operas of Mozart find content-related points of contact, interview rounds with all participants allow an extended insight into the everyday life of opera and musical singers. The Matinee leads in a well-proven way. Thomas Dänemark, Secretary General of the Friends of the Vienna State Opera, who is also responsible for the idea and the concept.