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Diana Schnierer Sarah

Diana Schnierer © Gregor Buchhaus

Diana Schnierer was born on 20.8.1996 in Slovakia. Even as a child, she loved singing and dancing. Later, she trained at the Bratislava Conservatory, where she gained her first stage experience at the Nová Scéna theatre in the musicals HAIRSPRAY, FAME, THE SHOP ON THE MAIN STREET and THE PRINCE AND THE EVENING STAR. She represented the Slovak Republic in the song contest at the 2012 Turkish Olympiad in Istanbul. She has been a student of Musical Entertainment Theatre at the Music and Arts Private University of the City of Vienna since 2014. As part of her course, she performed in the university productions of EATING RAOUL and WHITE HORSE INN. She also played the piglet Dicklinde in the musical GRIMM! at the Theater der Jugend in Vienna.