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CATS – The Musical – 1983

German-language premiere from 1983 to 1990 at the Theater an der Wien

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The London cat world meets annually at a junkyard for the Jellicle Ball, at the time of the full Jellicle moon. The cat elder Old Deuteronomus decides in a competition who may be born again for a second cat life. All cats who claim this introduce themselves: the gumbie cat "Jenny Fleckenreich", the idiosyncratic Rum Tum Tugger, the graying grizabella, once an admired glamor cat, the dandy cat Bustopher Jones, the rebellious cat couple Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer, the theater cat Gus, the magic cat Mr. Mistofeles, Skimblehanks, the railroad cat and the mysterious cat Macavity. Surprisingly, the outsider Grizabella wins. She may climb up into the cat heaven to be born again somewhere and anywhere.


Theater an der Wien, Cats 1983-1990

Leading Team

Direction and choreography: Gillian Lynne
Consultant: Trevor Nunn
Equipment: John Napier
Light: David Hersey
Musical direction: André Bauer
Sound: Peter Keizer

Premiere Cast

Frank Ablorh-Odjidja
Valda Aviks
Valentin Baraian
Steve Barton
Gordon Bovinet
Buenaventura Braunstein
Jutta Bryde
Calvann Cole
Lynnda curry
Laszlo Czergezan
Dion Davis
Martina Dorak
Laura Edmunds
David Forman
Michael Howe
Gregory Jones
Joachim Kemmer
Ute Lemper
Pamela Liebig
Elizabeth Mills
Angelika Milster
Robert Montano
Andrew Morris
Stefan Nagel
Lilo Raab
Sandor Racz
Darryl Robinson
Monica Solem
Iris Wachalowsky
Paul Welterlen
Roger Winell
Beatrix Wipperich
John Yost
Alexandra Young

Show Program

  • Cats 1983 - Show Program

Original German Recording On Demand Recording: 1984

CATS 2019

Info & Tickets

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    The most successful musical of all times

    Premiere: Friday, 20.09.2019

    Duration: ~ 2:40h

    The most successful musical of all time will stay longer in Vienna because of its great success! Breathtaking dance, legendary costumes, a magical stage design, Grammy-awarded, electrifying music and the moving world hit "Memory" make CATS an unforgettable experience. A magical theatre evening for the whole family.