SISTER ACT - Das Musical im Wiener Ronacher - Produktionsfotos 2012 030 © Brinkhoff Mögenburg

SISTER ACT tells the story of the determined but not particularly successful nightclub singer Deloris van Cartier. When she witnesses a murder, the police take Deloris into protective custody and take her to the only place that really should offer security: a monastery! Disguised as a nun, she quickly finds fans among her fellow sisters - only the strict mother superior is not that enthusiastic about the new monastery student.

But Deloris is not someone who can just sit still and wait. Your life is music, and you can't do without singing. So she quickly helps the somewhat disgruntled choir of the monastery on the clef and ensures that a truly divine chorus sounds instead of the weak nuns' voices. Incidentally, Deloris, together with her fellow sisters, helps the dilapidated church to regain its luster - and risks exposing its undercover camouflage.

The gangsters take up the chase and are soon on her trail. Is Deloris running out of time? Or did the gang underestimate the divine power of a sisterhood?

SISTER ACT im Ronacher

SISTER ACT im Ronacher

SISTER ACT im Ronacher

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