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The American Tribal Rock Love Musical

Music by Galt MacDermot
Book & Lyrics: Gerome Ragni & James Rado

Premiere on March 10, 2001 at the Raimund Theater
Last performance on June 30, 2002
385 performances, 395,000 visitors


The arrival of the draft order for Claude for military service in Vietnam is a reason for him and his friends to rise up against bourgeois views and behavior. They discuss and talk about their conscious outsider role, their dream of an unbound life, their use of drugs. They are inspired by an indefinable religiosity and hope for a new, better age in the sign of Aquarius. The group around Claude includes his friend, Hitzkopf George Berger, who has just flown from high school, Sheila, who stands between the two and demonstrates for the union, Woof, who is modeled on Mick Jagger and who is excluded from the Christian Association of Young Men Hud with a penchant for the black power movement, but funny and good-natured in essence. What they all have in common is their negative attitude towards the “establishment”. Despite his internal protest and anti-war stance, Claude finally follows the order and begins his military service.

The Leading Team:

Music: Galt MacDermot
Book & lyrics: Gerome Ragni, James Rado
Direction & Choreography: Kim Duddy, Brian Carmack
Arrangements & Musical Supervision: Martin Gellner,
Werner Stranka
Musical direction: Herbert Pichler
Stage: Martin Kraemer
Costumes: Annette Beaufaÿs
Robert Schwaighofer
Lighting design: Andrew Voller
Sound design: Andreas Frei, Chris Shepard
Text arrangement & dialogue coach: Barbara Spitz
Assistant director & production manager: Sabine Hellepart

The premiere cast:

Berger: Drew Sarich
Claude: Kyrre Kvam
Sheila: Susa Meyer
Dionne: Kudra Owens
Hud: Cedric Lee Bradley
Woof: Pehton D. Quirante
Jeanie: Sheila Marie Kasey
Crissy: Ilse La Monaca
Margaret Mead: Eric Minsk

Members of the tribe:

Christa Helige, Diane Hamili, Emma Chapman, Karen Henry, Mandy Sheehy, Michelle Cornelius, Mishi (Michelle) Marier, Sabine Mayer, Sigalit Feig, Vicky van Zijl

Dave Moskin, Philip Ranson, Ramesh Nair, Robin Poell, Ronnie Wagner, Ruben Gabira, Si (Simon) Williams, Simon Eichenberger, Steven Seale

... which also play the following roles:

Mothers, fathers, professors, the Electric Blues Quartet, the White Girls Trio, the Black Boys Trio, the "Supremes", Hubert, Abraham Lincoln, John Wilkes Booth, George Washington, Drummer Boy, 3 Buddhist monks, Buddadalairama, 4 Catholic nuns , Africans, Indians, soldiers and others.