Woyzeck - Produktionsfotos © VBW

The genesis of this murder takes on a new, frightening dimension through the songs and lyrics of the Tiger Lillies. The outside world is represented by a brass band, which leads us into the world of the fair, its magic, but also its brutality. Stephanie Mohr directed, Christian Kolonovits is the musical director, “The Tiger Lillies” and the brass band “Die Brassisten” play. Raphael von Bargen gives the Woyzeck, Ruth Brauer-Kvam his Marie, Xaver Hutter plays the drum major, Ben Becker gives the captain and Joachim Bißmeier plays the doctor. Anne Weber, Manni Laudenbach and Johannes Huth can be seen in other roles.


Produktionsfotos Woyzeck & The Tiger Lillies