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Thomas Strebel Tondesign

Thomas Strebel © VBW

Thomas Strebel was born in Basle, trained in Europe and the USA, and has worked ever since in the fields of sound design, consultancy, audio-engineering, event and studio production, and studio design. His numerous live, studio and film music productions with the composer Niki Reiser underline his versatility. They include BEYOND SILENCE, which won the German Film Award for “Best Film Score” in 1997, and NOWHERE IN AFRICA, which also won a German Film Award in 2002, as well as the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film in 2003. Since the mid-1990s, Thomas Strebel has created sound designs for musicals all over Europe (including Basle, Berlin, Munich, Paris, St. Petersburg, Thun and Zurich). For the VBW, he has recently been sound designer for MOZART!, WE ARE MUSICAL, EVITA and DON CAMILLO & PEPPONE.
He has taught at the SAE in Zurich since 2003. In 2008, Volker Hesse brought him to Altdorf to work for the Tellspiele. In 2009, Thomas Strebel won a German Stage Award for his sound design for the Einsiedler Welttheater. Since 2005, he has been technical supervisor of the Basel Tattoo, which now ranks alongside Edinburgh as one of the most successful music shows of its kind. Thomas Strebel is also founder and manager of audiopool GmbH.