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Thomas Strebel Tondesign

Thomas Strebel © VBW

Trained in Europe and the USA, Tom Strebel works in sound design, consulting, audio engineering, event and studio production, and studio design. In collaboration with composer Niki Reiser, he has produced numerous film scores, including Jenseits der Stille (German Film Award "Best Film Score") and Nirgendwo in Afrika (2002 German Film Award, 2003 Oscar for "Best Foreign Language Film"). Since the mid-1990s, Thomas Strebel has been responsible for the sound design of musicals in Europe and Asia. Volker Hesse brought him in 2016 for the Gotthard tunnel opening. In 2009, he was awarded the German Stage Prize for his sound design at the Einsiedler Welttheater. He has been in charge of the successful music show "Basel Tattoo" as technical director and sound designer since 2005.