MOZART! - Das Musical im Raimund Theater - Produktionsfotos 2015 009 © VBW / Deen van Meer

MOZART! at the film festival

11 July and 16 August 2017


The movie of the VBW in-house production MOZART! will be presented at this year’s film festival at the Viennese Rathausplatz on 11 July and 16 August 2017.

The movie will start around 8:30 PM on the big screen in front of the city hall (Rathausplatz). The full program as well as the specific screening times can be found here.

Mozart! Trailer

Mozart! Trailer

A rock star of the Roccoco era: MOZART! The musical by the dream team of Michael Kunze and Sylvester Levay throws light on the world’s most famous composer both as a historical human being and as a legendary figure of classical music. Mozart is presented here as an artist of exceptional talent who, in spite of his gift – or perhaps because of it – struggles with life’s simplest challenges. MOZART! – a coming-of-age drama – tries to show the man behind the cult, the clichés and the kitsch that have sprung up around the historical human being. This production was performed in eight countries with over 2.2 million visitors.

The leading team of the 1999 world premiere consisting of Michael Kunye (book and song texts), Slyvester Levay (music & arrangements), Harry Kupfer (direction), Yan Tax (costumes), Dennis Callahan (choreography) and Hans Schavernoch (set design) are responsible for the new version for Vienna in 2015. The role of Mozart’s father, “Leopold Mozart” is played by Thomas Borchert, “Hieronymus Colloredo“ by Mark Seibert. Barbara Obermeier plays the role of Mozart’s sister “Nannerl“ and Franziska Schuster is “Constanze Weber”. The orchestra of the VEREINIGTEN BÜHNEN WIEN plays and the movie was recorded at the Raimund Theater.

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  • I Am From Austria Startseite 2018 © VBW / Oliver Gast 2018



    Premiere: Saturday, 16.09.2017 - 7:30 pm

    Duration: ~ 02:45:00

    I AM FROM AUSTRIA is a big new musical full of wit, charm and romance, surprising twists and moving moments, packed into a story of love, friendship and family. Over 20 of Rainhard-Fendrich’s hits, including “Macho Macho”, “Haben Sie Wien schon bei Nacht geseh'n?”, “Es lebe der Sport”, “Blond”, “Strada del Sole”, “Tango Korrupti”, “Nix is Fix”, “Weus'd a Herz hast wie a Bergwerk” and of course the title song “I Am From Austria” have been spun together by an original plot telling the story of an internationally successful Austrian film star who has made it to Hollywood but now returns to Vienna to attend the famous annual Opera Ball.

  • Tanz der Vampire Sujet 2017 06 © VBW



    Premiere: Saturday, 30.09.2017 - 7:30 pm

    Duration: ~ 03:00:00

    On the occasion of its 20th anniversary, DANCE OF THE VAMPIRES can finally be seen in Vienna again! Enjoy the adventures of the vampire killer Professor Abronsius and his assistant, Alfred, in the dismal demesne of Count von Krolock.

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