Hugh Jackman mit Christian Struppeck 1 © VBW

Hollywood star Hugh Jackman as guest in the Raimund Theater

Hollywood meets Vienna




SCHIKANEDER was able to look forward to a very special guest: Hugh Jackman met the cast of Schikaneder and director Christian Struppeck yesterday during a short Meet & Greet on the stage before a visit to the show.

Hugh Jackman mit der Cast von Schikaneder ©VBW

Tickets and more

Alle Infos rund um das Musical

  • Schikaneder Startseite Ticket © VBW / Rafaela Pröll



    The Turbulent Love Story Behind The Magic Flute

    Premiere: Friday, 30.09.2016 - 7:30 pm

    Duration: 2 Stunden 55 Minuten (inkl. Pause)

    “SCHIKANEDER – The turbulent love story behind The Magic Flute” is a romantic musical comedy about the actor, singer, director, writer and impresario Emanuel Schikaneder and his wife, Eleonore Schikaneder.

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